Prepare for the release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne by joining other hunters in a five-week-long celebration!

Each of the previous Astera Fests (Spring Blossom Fest, Summer Twilight Fest, Autumn Harvest Fest, Winter Star Fest, and the Appreciation Fest) will each be held for a week, for a total of five weeks in a row!
The gathering hub gals and Felynes will all be dressed to impress for each Astera Fest! Enjoy the Celestial Pursuit's lively seasonal decorations, and be sure to check out the seasonal outfits for the Handler and Poogie!

For the duration, almost all previously seasonal and event quests will be made available. There will also be special login bonuses and limited bounties.
Take this opportunity to pick up any unique materials for special equipment or items you may have missed the first time!

The gathering hub's Canteen will also feature special seasonal meals, and many of the facilities will offer discounted services.
Celebrate the Seasons with Hunters Around the World!


  • Round 1: Spring Blossom Fest

    July 26 to August 1 (UTC)
  • Round 2: Summer Twilight Fest

    August 2 to August 8 (UTC)
  • Round 3: Autumn Harvest Fest

    August 9 to August 15 (UTC)
  • Round 4: Winter Star Fest

    August 16 to August 22 (UTC)
  • Round 5: Appreciation Fest

    August 23 to August 29 (UTC)