To thank all the hunters around the world, the Appreciation Fest is coming to the Celestial Pursuit on January 26!

Notice: Special Daily Bonus Compensation Set

During the Appreciation Fest, a bug occurred that prevented some users from obtaining their special daily bonus if they claimed their login bonus during a specific time period.

Upon investigation, it turns out that this issue was caused by a difference between the reset time for login bonuses and the update time for special daily bonuses, so we've condensed the update time for special daily bonuses to 19:00 UTC.

To make up for the special daily bonuses that could not be claimed because of this issue, we will offer the below item pack as a compensation the next time you log in.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Astera Fest Daily Bonus Compensation Set

  • - Appreciation Ticket x 3
  • - Appreciation Fireworks x 9


February 14 19:00 to February 21 23:59 UTC.
  • The contents of this item pack are the same as for other platforms.
  • As with login bonuses, you will need to play the game online to claim this item pack.

Dates Held: January 26 to February 21, 2019 (UTC)

Take a Look at What's New for the Appreciation Fest!

The Hub and Arena Lasses, Event Manager, and Provisions Manager will all be dressed to the nines with new costumes for the event.

During the Appreciation Fest, almost all of the past event quests will be available!

Dates Held: January 26 to February 21, 2019 (UTC)

During the event, almost all of the past event quests will be available. If you weren't able to obtain some of special equipment before, this is your chance to get them again! Don't let this opportunity pass you by! The Appreciation Fest also has unique event quests in celebration of the game's one year anniversary, so check them out!

See which event quests will be available here!

Join the Appreciation Fest and Earn Materials from Seasonal Event Quests to Forge Special Armor Sets!

Use Appreciation Tickets to craft the special Gala Suit armor series! Celebrate the Appreciation Fest in this formal getup!

You can also use Appreciation Tickets to craft the Star and Star α sets for your Palico!

Appreciation Tickets are obtained via login bonus and limited bounties, and can also be used to craft and upgrade the Fair Wind Lance, modeled after the Fifth Fleet's banner.

New "Layered Armor" Offers More Ways to Change Your Appearance!

Talk to the Smithy in Astera after obtaining new tickets to unlock special delivery requests. Appreciation Tickets obtained during the event and other tickets and items can be delivered to the Resource Center to get your layered armor!

  • Gala Suit
  • Skull Face Layered Head
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Layered Head
  • Beetle Layered Armor

Other Features are Getting an Appreciated Boost, Too!

Facility Sales

Each facility in Astera will have sales during the Appreciation Fest! These sales will feature discounted prices on items or other special bonuses. Be on the lookout for the special sale icon, the Argosy, and special music playing in Astera. This sale happens at the same time for all players online, so make sure to team up with your friends to take full advantage of this opportunity!

Login Bonus and Limited Bounties

You'll get some new login bonuses and limited bounties too!
As a login bonus, you'll get three Lucky Vouchers plus an Appreciation Ticket. There will also be daily limited bounties where you can earn Appreciation Fireworks and Appreciation Tickets.
During the event you can earn Gold Wyverian Prints by completing limited bounties on Wednesday and Sunday.
Note: The Appreciation Fest tutorial notes that players receive two Lucky Vouchers with their login bonus, but the correct number is three vouchers. You can also exchange Appreciation Tickets for Appreciation Fireworks at the Elder Melder.

Limited-time Appreciation Platter

A special appreciation platter will be available in the gathering hub only during this event. All of the ingredients at the canteen will be delivered fresh, so make sure to use them before every quest!

New Outfits for the Handler and Poogie, Too!

  • The Handler: Friendly Felyne Costume
  • Poogie: Sparkling Party costume

Participating in the Appreciation Fest will net you a new guild card background, pose, and titles!

Gesture: Pop Star Dance

Note: The Handler's seasonal outfit is only available for the duration of the event. You can change it back to other outfits by talking to the Housekeeper and selecting "Change the Handler's Outfit". Your Poogie's special clothing will still be available after the seasonal event is over!

Celebrate one year with more happy hunting!