Street Fighter V Collaboration Event for Monster Hunter:
World on PlayStation®4!

Ryu and Sakura descend upon the world of Monster Hunter in round one of the Street Fighter V collaboration event, available for early access to anyone with Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition PS4 save data!

Collaboration Event: Street Fighter V, Round 1

Early Access: 00:00 February 16 - 23:59 March 1 (UTC)
Event Quest: Down the Dark, Muddy Path
Quest Level: 3★
Conditions: HR 3 or higher
Locale: Arena
Main Objective: Slay a Barroth

The items you receive for completing the event quest "Down the Dark, Muddy Path" can be used to forge the following item!

- Full armor set, "Ryu"

The following downloadable content will also be available!

- Free:
Guild Card background, titles
- Paid:
Gestures ("Hadoken!", "Shoryuken!"),
sticker set ("Street Fighter V Set")
The second round of the Street Fighter V collaboration event will feature a full armor set that will let you look just like Sakura!
Check back for more info!