The Summer Twilight Fest is now underway at the Celestial Pursuit!

Notice Regarding a Bug Preventing Players from Receiving Summer Twilight Tickets or Twilight Fireworks

We would like to apologize regarding the issue of players not being able to receive their Summer Twilight Tickets and Twilight Fireworks after obtaining the Warrior of Light gift set via login bonus that was reported a few days ago.
For the aforementioned bug, we have decided to distribute the following items during the fourth title update. These items are what players should have received from the time the Warrior of Light gift set was distributed until the end of the Summer Twilight Fest.


Thursday, August 2 UTC 0:00 until Friday, August 17 UTC 0:00

Available Items

  • Redistributed
    Summer Ticket x 6
    Twilight Fireworks x 60
  • Bonus items
    Voucher x 10
  • If you have the game already running, please exit the game and restart before trying to obtain these items via login bonus.
  • The above items may only be obtained once during the available period.

Event Period: July 13, 2018 - July 26, 2018 (UTC)

You'll find the Celestial Pursuit bedecked with decorations, and the staff garbed in their summertime best! Not only that, but your Poogie and the Handler will also have some special costumes!

For the duration of the event, almost all previously released event quests, including exclusive Summer Twilight Fest quests, will be made available. Your daily login bonus, limited bounties and more will feature some very special surprises for you!

Must-see Summertime Flair

Don't miss the festive summertime couture modeled by the ladies of the Celestial Pursuit—and be sure to "pawse" to admire the Felyne fashion, too!

Event Quest Extravaganza

Availability: July 13, 2018 - July 26, 2018 (UTC)

For the duration of the event, almost all previously released event quests, including exclusive Summer Twilight Fest quests, will be made available. Some exceptions apply, but there's no better chance to hunt for materials for any special equipment you may have missed out on!

See which event quests will be available here!

Make Your Own Summer Twilight Fest Gear

  • Armor Sets: Diver / Diver α
  • Female Armor Sets: Queen Beetle α & β
    Male Armor Sets: Butterfly α & β

Create your own Diver and Diver α armor sets by collecting Summer Twilight Tickets from login bonuses during the entire period of Summer Twilight Fest! You can also craft the Butterfly or Queen Beetle armor sets by collecting the Summer Insect Field Guide reward item from limited-time event quests!

There are also new gestures perfect for celebrating the Summer Twilight Fest!

Introducing a new gesture (paid DLC)!
Purchase it and dance the summer night away with your friends!

Limited-Time-Only Features and Bonuses!

Facility Sales

Summer is in the air, and that means the chance for special sales at the facilities around Astera! While the sales last, you'll be able to purchase items or pay for other facility services at reduced costs. A sale period is indicated by a special ship docked in Astera's harbor, along with a unique musical track playing in the background. Sales trigger for all online players at the same time, so if you notice a sale going on, be sure to let your hunting buddies know!

Login Bonus and Limited Bounties

For the duration, your daily login bonus of one Lucky Voucher will be increased to two! You'll also get a Summer Twilight Ticket!
In addition, limited bounties are dropping from a weekly rotation to a DAILY rotation, and will even include limited Summer Twilight Fest items—Twilight Fireworks and Summer Twilight Tickets—as rewards. For the duration, every Sunday will also feature Gold Wyverian Prints as an available reward!

Summer Twilight Fest Seasonal Platter

No celebration is complete without a helping of the Summer Twilight Fest seasonal platter, chock-full of fresh ingredients! Eating this platter doesn't use up the ingredients, so be sure to grab a mouthful before each hunt!

New Outfits for the Handler and Poogie

For the duration of the Summer Twilight Fest, a new outfit will be available for the Handler!

Note: The Handler's seasonal outfit will only last for the duration of the Summer Twilight Fest!

Celebrate the season with hunters worldwide at the Summer Twilight Fest!