The Winter Star Fest arrives at the Celestial Pursuit!

Dates Held: November 30 to December 17, 2018 (UTC)

Visit Astera's Gathering Hub, the Celestial Pursuit, and you'll find it bedecked with decorations, and the staff garbed in their wintertime best!
Even the Handler and your Poogie are dressed for the occasion!

During this period, almost all of the special Event Quests from the past are available again.
You'll get some new login bonuses and limited bounties too!
This is your chance to get the materials for that equipment you missed, as well as plenty of items exclusive to the Winter Star Fest!

Enjoy a limited-time-only platter at the Gathering Hub, and get some great deals at the various facilities in Astera.

*Regarding the Kulve Taroth Siege*

After the Winter Star Fest, we will be performing data updates, so the Kulve Taroth Siege quest "Banquet in the Earthen Hall" will not be made available. Our apologies to everyone looking forward to this content. We will keep you informed.

What is the Winter Star Fest?

During this seasonal event, you'll find the staff at Astera's Gathering Hub garbed in their wintertime best!

Event Quest Extravaganza

Dates Held: November 30 to December 17, 2018 (UTC)

For the duration of the event, almost all previously released event quests, including exclusive Summer Twilight Fest quests, will be made available. Some exceptions apply, but there's no better chance to hunt for materials for any special equipment you may have missed out on!

See which event quests will be available here!

Go on limited-time only quests to gather materials and craft special armor!

Collect Winter Star Tickets to create new armor that is not only fashionable, but sure to keep you warm and comfortable too! The Orion α series (left: high rank female armor) and the Orion series (right: low rank male armor).

Take on the Event Quest "Timberland Troublemakers" to earn Bristly Crake Tickets. Use these to craft and upgrade the Bristly Pincushion hammer, modeled after the phantom bird itself!

Use Winter Star Tickets to craft the new Snow Set for your Palico!

New layered armor to customize your appearance!

Once you've obtained some new tickets, go talk to the Smithy. He'll have a delivery request for you.
Gather Winter Star Tickets during the festival and deliver them to the Resource Center in combination with the research points earned during Event Quests to get some shiny new layered armor!

  • Orion Layered Armor
  • Sealed Eyepatch Layered ArmorThis is a special custom-made eyepatch. The cloth gives off a black glow that is difficult to comprehend.
  • Wiggler Head Layered ArmorThis head armor is fashioned after a Wiggler. Time to wiggle it, but only a little bit!

Items or services at all facilities will be available at reduced costs!

Facility Sales

The Autumn Harvest Fest will include special sales at all of the facilities in Astera! During a sale, you'll be able to purchase items or pay for other facility services at reduced costs. A sale period is indicated by a special ship docked in Astera's harbor, along with a unique musical track playing in the background. Sales trigger for all online players at the same time, so if you notice a sale going on, be sure to let your hunting buddies know!

Login Bonuses and Limited Bounties

Normally, you can only get 1 Lucky Voucher per day for a login bonus or limited bounty, but during the Winter Star Fest, you'll be able to get two! Not only that, but you'll get a free Winter Star Ticket too!
There are new limited bounties every day, allowing you to earn even more Winter Star Tickets, as well as special Star Fireworks! Every Wednesday and Sunday, you'll also be able to earn Gold Wyverian Prints.(You can also exchange Winter Star Tickets for Star Fireworks at the Elder Melder.)

A Special Seasonal Platter!

Don't miss out on the Winter Star Platter, a special dish only available during the festival at the canteen in the Gathering Hub! All ingredients will be fresh, so make sure to grab a bite before going on a quest!

New Costumes for the Handler and Your Poogie

  • The Handler's Winter Spirit Coat
  • Poogie Costume: Boa Bell Coat

A warm fluffy coat, white as snow!
Your Poogie will be dressed for the occasion too. Enjoy the festivities together!

The Handler's special outfit is only available during the event. To change outfits, talk to the Housekeeper and select "Change the Handler's Outfit". Your Poogie's seasonal outfits can still be used even after the event ends.

The Winter Star Fest is a great opportunity to get together with hunters from all over the world!